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Technicana creates software to help developers and finance professionals write and manage their source code. We work with a range of technologies, but especially concentrate on the Microsoft Office Suite.

On this site you will find programming tips, free Office add-ins and great products for sale, including:


Our most mature product solves one of the biggest problems of VBA development - seeing changes in code between versions of workbooks and add-ins. If you find yourself spending precious time trying to compare code, or need to recover code from a damaged file, take a look at VbaDiff.

VbaDiff is now listed on Jan Karel Pieterse's product list.


VbaPrime is a VBA coding assistance tool. VbaPrime will automatically complete common VBA constructs for you, such as closing brackets or the Next statement that will aways follow a For.

VbaPrime brings the VBA development environment into the 21st Century and closes the gap with more advance IDEs like Visual Studio.

To improve your development experience, download our free 30-day trial at VbaPrime.com.